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+33 (0)4 7494 5215

Zone Industrielle
Chesnes Tharabie
25, Rue du Ruisseau
38070 Saint Quentin Fallavier


  • Eurographic with its headquarters in France, is a company specialized in the distribution of «high purity» Aquamag magnesium plates, dedicated chemistries, CNC Brass plates and workshop processors.
  • Eurographic relies on its top quality range of products but also on its dedicated technical team, that has numerous years of experience in the Mg etching process, to help you reach superb quality results.
  • Eurographic serves all our European customers within a few days, thanks to our EU based permanent stock.

A complete product portfolio

  • A complete range of thicknesses and formats of precoated Magnesium plates
  • A dedicated range of chemistry and etching additive
  • A line of equipments meeting your needs (negative films imagesetter, exposure units, etc…)
  • A Top quality range of CNC Brass plates for mechanical engravers


  • Be a competent, reliable and responsive long-term partner
  • Make « Customer service » our priority
  • Maintain a policy of constant product improvment
  • Offer optimal quality products, economically competitive

Abilities and Strenghts

  • A privileged relationship, on a human scale, to understand your needs and imperatives
  • A technical-sales team at the service of your daily challenges or technical developments
  • An innovative, proven, responsible and multi-technology product range
  • A financially solid partner to collaborate on the long term



    Eurographic - Zone Industrielle Chesnes Tharabie - 25, Rue du Ruisseau 38070 Saint Quentin  Fallavier - FRANCE
    Tel. +33 (0)4 7494 5215  - Fax +33 (0)4 7494 0757
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